Innovation Lounge introduction

My name is Jaco Marais, industrial engineer by profession, entrepreneur by heart. A couple of friends and I recently decided to start up our own business. Our team consist of the following people:

Rudolph de Wet: Childhood friend, skilled developer and technical mastermind
Jireh Kriek: Fun loving person, creative genius and cares about how things look and are presented
Dustin McDonald: Resident developer, addicted to online gaming and gadgets.

All these people combined devote all our time and attention daily, to a new endeavor called Innovation Lounge.

Innovation lounge was founded in order to create a business that would make it its mission to develop innovative solutions to everyday difficulties by utilizing new technologies such as mobile applications.

Our first application was conceived in April 2012, business plans were drawn up to validate the problem we wanted to solve and research showed that we were indeed on to something. Innovation lounge was allowed into the Microsoft Bizspark program which gave us access to the necessary software needed to develop our app and development commenced in May 2012

After a lot of brainstorming Jireh came up with the name of the app. Ladies and gentleman I proudly present to you Lazy Grazer.
Lazy Grazer is a smartphone application that will help people find restaurant they would like. Lazy Grazer aims to remove the overload from “information overload” and will make relevant restaurant recommendations, based on your current context. Simultaneously restaurants are connected to their direct clientele, since restaurant owners are in charge of their data on the application, users of the app are guaranteed up to date and relevant information of the venue, on which they can base their decisions.

After many late nights, brainstorming and swearing Innovation lounge’s first application reached the iStore (free) by mid October and two weeks later the Google play store (free). I must confess it was a proud moment.

In future blog posts I will touch on what problems we encountered along the way and how we aim to solve them, as we are a very young company none of the proposed solutions are final and we are constantly making changes. Join me for the ride, see what mistakes we make and learn with us.

P.S. Download the app and let us know what you think about it in the comments section. Any feedback is highly appreciated.